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* node 0.6.x (libuv) support
'known' issue atm: SEGV at end of program (not good!)
using node_async_shim.h by TooTallNate
using async.h by Konstantin Käfer
2011.05.14, Version 0.0.9
* changed npm package to 'sdlmixer'
(was previously 'node-sdlmixer').
* ev_async is now used to for notificating audio played.
this frees up the node thread pool and now the concurrency of
playing audio is not limited to the amount of threads in the pool.
(and we don't starve the thread pool).
* switched to ObjectWrap derived class implementation
* added new sdlmixer library properties:
audioRate, audioFormat, audioChannels, numberOfAudioChannels for
access to readonly mixer settings.
* internal source tree restucturing:
- src/ contains c++ sources (incl seperated header file)
- wavs/ contains original audio tree layout from play.js tree
- test/ contains the test
* better channel administration for concurrent play
* added optional parameters to play done callback (fileName, channel)
2011.05.10, Version 0.0.2
* Updated installation instructions for MAC (tmpvar)
* fix local build polluting published npm version
2011.05.09, Version 0.0.1
* Initial release
- play audio function with async callback mechanism
(intial implementation by chapel)