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sdlmixer addon for nodejs

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node-sdlmixer experiment

This is an experiment to get sdlmixer working together with nodejs.

Note: since I am completely new to nodejs addon development, this
is currently a very bad example of coding it.

Requirements for compilation:
- nodejs
- node-waf
- SDL-dev
- SDL_mixer-dev

tested on ubuntu 11.04 (64bit) with:
*) installing nodejs
*) sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev
*) sudo apt-get install libsdlmixer1.2-dev

npm install node-sdlmixer

$ node
> var p = require("node-sdlmixer");
Opened audio at 22050 Hz 16 bit stereo
Loading github/node-sdlmixer/wavs/alarm.wav
> Playing on channel[1]

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