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Data Visualization that shows per division per season from 1994-2018
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MLB Historical Standings Data Viz

MLB Historical Standings Screenshot Gif

Data Visualization that shows each team's record above/below .500, per division per season from 1994-2018. The center line on the charts represent the .500 percentage of wins/loses for any given point within the season (e.g. 40 wins and 40 losses would be .500 because 40 divided by 80 = .500).


My primary motivation for creating this was to learn d3. While I was flipping through Edward Tufte's Beutiful Evidence book, I came across this sparkline data visualization of MLB division standings for the 2004 season on pages 54-55. All credit to the visualization goes to him, I simply wanted to take it a step further and make it data-driven and interactive.

I thought this would be a great first project for my d3 journey because I would have to learn how to create multiple charts, toggle between years, and practice object constancy. So here it is!


Install the dependencies:

yarn install

Note: I used yarn but you can just as easily switch out the yarn statements with npm.

Running locally

Start up the development server with hot reloading:

yarn run dev

Data Source

I pulled the data from the MLB API. Here's the jupyter notebook I used to pull and clean the data.


To generate the optimized build, simply run:

yarn run prod
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