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This is a cheap Pokemon knockoff, made because as a child I had many frustrations with the original game. For example:

  • Why can I only have 4 moves for each Pokemon
  • Why does every action get preceded by a very slow moving text (fixed later by emulators)
  • Why can I only carry 6 Pokemon (probably because the Gameboy had to little ram)
  • Chris told me this is because they want you to succeed with only 6.
  • The battles are kind of repetitive, I think I already made them more fun
  • To much is decided on level alone, (I might have made it worse)


First I will try to emulate the original Pokemon game. I'll create a working (stable) prototype as soon as possible.

  • Catch Pokemon
  • Make the overworld work
    • Go into buildings
    • different areas which would contain
      • diferent wild pokemon for each area
      • reduce script sizes (the original pokemon had hunderds of trainers, imagine, it would be quite a bit less annoying to maintain this with trainers for each area (and more stable)
    • add a pokecenter
    • add a mall
    • add gyms
  • add a story line
    • quest support
    • A horrible story line
    • probably a bunch of side quests


  • see Pokemon in the menu with all their glory (600*600 pixels)
  • animation for NPC's trough scripting.
  • path finding was a real bitch
  • declaring Pokemon and their moves
  • own Pokemon receives xp after batle
  • own Pokemon levels up
  • talk to NPC's
  • Replace fuzzy logic with RNG, this makes it easier to add moves, besides the AI, in the orignial pokemon was also retarded
  • Replace python with groovy (better integration, while the scripting is very similiar)
  • Implement a proper MVC pattern, these kind of games are made for that, besides the current 'entities (which are models I supose)' can now draw anything they want
  • add trainers and NPC's trough scripting
  • add items to the over world trough scripting


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