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Jappix, a full-featured XMPP web-client (Jappix Desktop, Jappix Mobile & Jappix Mini). Follow us on Twitter @jappixorg
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Jappix is a fresh new open social platform which enables you to host your communication platform wherever you want to. People must be able to get in touch with all their friends on a free decentralized network!

You can build your own Jappix installation for your own requirements. If you want to use it as a personal social client, you can download it and install it on your webserver.


Jappix is released under the terms of the AGPL license. See for more details.


Please refer to the installation instructions in the file to process the Jappix installation.


Help us translate Jappix and get Jappix in your language.

Start translating on (new translators are automatically approved when they join a translation team).


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Social networking

We're social and you can join us on:

One more thing...

Have fun with Jappix, and don't hesitate to help us by reporting bugs, translating or submitting new ideas!

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