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Sounds for Safari & IE9 #61

valeriansaliou opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Vorbis sound files should be also available in MP3 for Safari & IE9 (or AAC?!), so that they can work on these browsers.


I don’t think it is a good idea. Apple and Microsoft should adapt their browser to the standards. We shall respect the standards.


We respect standards, but we should have a pragmatic way to view things, to adapt to the market.

@valeriansaliou valeriansaliou closed this issue from a commit
Valérian Saliou Fix #61 938e167

This was for 0.9.2, but we have to release 0.9.1 before, so why fix it now?
Makes no sense.


Fixed for now. There's nothing bad I did here. I just had the willing to fix it and nothing else, why is it a problem? That's how I work.


I think the problem is that the priority was low and the milestone fixed to the 0.9.2. we have to fix other bugs before, when we have enough time to do it. I think like @cglapa that it makes no sense. Nevertheless, that's great if it works. but try not to do it in the future ;). I think we have to focus on other priorities.


The others priority take more time, it's just that right now I had time enough to fix this, nothing more. Of course I try to focus on 0.9.1 first!

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