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Archived for historic purposes

The current branch of development can be found at conikuvat/edegal.

Edegal - A web picture gallery

Edegal is a web picture gallery written in Node.js and designed with performance and scalability in mind.

High performance is achieved through the usage of a dead simple REST JSON API in which most cache misses only result in a single database query that returns a single document.

Edegal is a work in progress. See a demo at uusi.kuvat.aniki.fi or gallery.insomnia.fi.


  • Successfully replace Coppermine Image Gallery at kuvat.aniki.fi
    • 49,860 files in 619 albums and 110 categories viewed 6,118,935 times over the course of 9 years (as of 22nd June 2013)
  • Provide picture galleries for the members of Kapsi Internet-käyttäjät ry requestable via a web self-service portal
  • Drop some jaws with stunning visuals and flawless usability
  • Become the number one choice for a self-hosted image gallery for serious hobbyist photographers

Getting started

What is assumed:

  • An UNIX-like operating system such as Ubuntu, CentOS or Mac OS X
  • MongoDB installed and configured.
    • If you need to authenticate to MongoDB, edit server_config.json. The format is mongo://user:password@localhost/edegal).
    • By default, the database names used are edegal and edegal_test (for running tests).
  • ImageMagick
  • NodeJS (0.10.x) and NPM

Running a local server:

# install dependencies and build
npm install

# run server
npm start

# enjoy
open http://localhost:9001


# install development tools into PATH
npm -g install gulp

# do an un-minified debug build, run a development server and watch for changes

# do a minified production build
NODE_ENV=production gulp build

# run tests
npm test

Getting pictures into the gallery

Sorry, this is a bit technical at the moment. There will be a browser-based uploader. Some day. I think.

At this moment you need to import album at a time.

# (If you havent yet created the root album - do this only once)
bin/edegal setup --title "My Photo Gallery"

# Create an album
bin/edegal album create --title "My New Album" --parent /

# Import some photos
bin/edegal import --move --path /my-new-album /path/to/files/*.jpg

You're all set!


There are configuration files for client and server, client_config.json and server_config.json.

Client configuration (client_config.json)

Changing any values in client_config.json requires recompilation (NODE_ENV=production gulp build).

  • defaultLanguage: en and fi supported.
  • analyticsAccount: Put your Analytics token here to enable Google Analytics support.

Server configuration (server_config.json)

  • database: as accepted by mongoose.connect
  • port: port number to listen on
  • hostname: hostname or IP address to listen on
  • concurrency: how many pictures to scale concurrently
  • sizes: default preview sizes
    • width
    • height
    • quality

Technology choices


  • "That's mighty fast!"
  • "I don't remember having ever run into another web gallery as nifty as this!"
  • "I find the page load speed of Edegal incredible. But I think I've just grown accustomed to bad galleries."
  • "Edegal seems exactly what I've been looking for!"
  • "Edegal <3"