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This is the official Garden Stuff wiki. The entire mod, including the nuances of its blocks and items, is fully documented within these pages. If you find an error or section that could be expanded, feel free to submit an edit.


The latest downloads for GardenStuff can be found on the CurseForge project page.

The mod is distributed as a single jar file, but internally is composed for 4 independent mods:

The GardenCore module must always remain enabled, but the other three can be toggled off within the Forge mod list accessible from the game's title screen. This is a quick way to disable large sections of content if you do not wish for it to appear in your world. This will not just disable recipes, it will also prevent the associated content from being registered.


Use the footer menu to quickly jump between the main components of the mod, or pull up the master block and item lists.

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