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A mod adding compartmental storage for Minecraft Forge

For Players

StorageDrawers may be downloaded from any of the following sites:

For Developers


StorageDrawers is built using gradle. To build StorageDrawers, the support library Chameleon must be checked out in an adjacent directory. These commands should be enough to get you started:

git clone 
git clone
cd StorageDrawers
./gradle build

For development, the ./gradle idea command will setup a multi-module project for IntelliJ with StorageDrawers and Chameleon


StorageDrawers builds and API are now available on a maven repo. Add the following to your mod's build.gradle:

repositories {
    maven {
        name = "storagedrawers"
        url = ""

dependencies {
    deobfCompile "com.jaquadro.minecraft.storagedrawers:StorageDrawers:<VERSION>:api"
    runtime "com.jaquadro.minecraft.storagedrawers:StorageDrawers:<VERSION>"
    runtime "com.jaquadro.minecraft.chameleon:Chameleon:<VERSION>"

An example version is 1.12-5.2.2. You can browse the repo to see what versions are available.

Reporting Bugs

When reporting bugs, always include the version number of the mod. If you're reporting a crash, include your client or server log depending on where the crash ocurred.

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