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Compile a bash script to a binary and make an OS X Application out of it in one step.
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bashapp takes as input a bash script and generates a binary executable and OS X
application directory structure. This allows developers to provide Finder clickable
bash scripts without terminals popping up, etc. Useful for launch, service scripts,

It also provides simple source encryption as a means to obfuscate the bash script.
You can specify your own key, or let bashapp generate a randomly sized random key for
you, no fewer than 32 bytes long.

(Note: it's recommended to let bashap create the key for you since every time you
compile, it will create a new, pseudo-randomly generated value of variable length.)


Type the following command in the Terminal to compile

gcc bashapp.c -o bashapp

Using bashapp

Usage: bashapp -k <key> -i <icon> PATH_TO_BASH_SCRIPT APPNAME


  Create 'MyApp' with the default encryption key:
  bashapp MyApp

  Create 'MyApp' with your own key:
  bashapp -i s#ZcrE33t MyApp

  Create 'MyApp' with your own icon:
  bashapp -i someicon.icns MyApp
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