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Titanium Training Docs

These docs where prepared for a 6 days immersion training in mobile apps development with Titanium.

This training is focused on Titanium, but also includes JavaScript methodology, design strategy and specific platform issues.

I use a lot of samples and real code to demonstrate each concept in classroom. Not all of these samples are in the slides and most of them are developed "in real time" for the class. Often the slides serves me as a guideline and the explanations are done over the screen. Every tutor should have their own samples and resources, so DO NOT LIMIT to the contents of these slides and extend as you consider. Use them as what they are, just a guideline to help you speak about all you want to speak.

The Docs

  • Day 1. Intro to Titanium
  • Day 2. JavaScript for developers
  • Day 3. Multi-platform issues and app publication
  • Day 4. Design strategies (for developers)
  • Day 5. Design strategies (for designers)
  • Day 6. Project develoment (case.doc file)


  • Translate from spanish to other languages
  • Continue improving its contents...


  • PowerPoint templates are based on Titans MeetupPack by fusion94.
  • Day 1 is basically a spanish translation from Titans MeetupPack, extended with some custom contents.
  • Rest of documents are mainly original content from my own experience.

Author: Javier Rayon, Sept. 2011.

mail: javier at criteriastudio dot com