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jarbas internet radio

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Play internet radio station.


Play internet radio stations using Mycroft.

There is a folder named radios inside the skill that contains files with "station name , station stream" pairs


metal detector,
death fm,

each station in this name is associated to the file name and to each individual station name

play metal radio -> chooses a random one from the list
put some death fm music -> plays death fm
listen to metal detector -> plays metal detector

if not direct match for a station is found stations are extracted from utterance and fuzzy matched, adding new files should enable the new station to be recognized by mycroft

TODO get new stations from mycroft.home , this will be a list of keywords, streams


  • "random internet radio"
  • "internet radio"
  • "web radio"
  • "play some music"
  • "rock radio"
  • "play rock radio"
  • "listen to rock radio"
  • "country radio"
  • "play country radio"
  • "listen to country radio"
  • "classical radio"
  • "play classical radio"
  • "listen to classical radio"
  • "jazz radio"
  • "play jazz radio"
  • "listen to jazz radio"
  • "top 40 radio"
  • "play metal radio"
  • "listen to favorite radio"
  • "christmas radio"
  • "play christmas radio"
  • "listen to christmas radio"
  • "psytube web radio"
  • "drum and bass web radio"
  • "techno radio"
  • "minimal techno radio"
  • "techno radio"
  • "play goa psy trance"
  • "listen to progressive psy trance"


Jarbas AI Norman Moore - original inspiration