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@jarcane jarcane released this 16 Jul 18:04
· 5 commits to master since this release

It's here! Milestone 0.3 is now cleaned up enough I'm willing to call it a proper release.

The new features are pretty much identical to those of the beta release, save that now, they actually work!

New features:

  • Weapons! All H&H weapons are now implemented.
  • Armors! All H&H armors are not implemented
  • Items! A whole raft of new items are now implemented, including:
  • More healing items, including some reusable ones
  • More grenades, from explosive frag grenades all the way up to the deadly microfusion grenade
  • Buff items that permanently boost your stats
  • New usable items like a motion tracker and TED-3, the summonable killer teddy bear
  • New world objects: now the world contains 'placeables', which are interactive objects you can use with 'u'.
  • XP and score tweaks
  • Capped formulas for to-hit rolls and AC
  • Logic and bug fixes galore (like Buffs breaking character stats, microfusion grenades that blow up the game instead of the monsters, and the debugging nightmare that was TED-3)
  • TED-3 is now a summonable friendly monster, who cannot be attacked by the player, and will helpfully follow you about and help you kill stuff.
  • Tweaked the item chances to give you slightly more actual items