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We have whats seems to be functional rewrite. YAY!
Besides better handling of the timer, duplicate control and code cleanup there is now a url lookup if %LINK% would point to a feedburner redirect. The point is to give the user a better experience and the author a proper trackback.

Still to do, before first offical beta:
- final cleanup (@world_eggplant @scatcat)
- file renaming (@jocke) (and repo cleanup)
- rewrite documentation (@jocke) - with credit to the original author as well
- release the plugin to codex (@jocke)

What did i forget?


This repo is supposed to hold a fork (sort of) to the Wordpress Plugin Shared Items Post []

The PI is rebuilt from the ground up since development seems to have slowed to a halt at Googletutor and the original author seems to have lost interest []. It's to bad on a good idea, so let's build something great.

Initially the featureset should remain the same, but the PI should address stability issues and conflicts, and care for better handling of the dependencies of Simple Pie.

To start of the files from the previous PI is attached.

Main problem:

- at times the Plugin posts multiple copies. Sometimes two, sometimes fifty...
- installation is a hazzle because of terrible handling of Simple Pie [my fix here:]
- more in the old forum: []