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anasig - signal analyser application

anasig is a prototype of a signal analyser. It is written in Python programming language. Its user interface (GUI) is built on Qt and it is using couple of other modules - Numeric, SciPy a matplotlib. Some of ideas used have been inspired by similar programs (e.g. LabShop PULSE from firmy Brüel&Kjær company, Signal Analyser from prof. Jiří Tůma) using the design of the anasig. The anasig application is using the MDI (Multiple Document Interface) architecture and the GUI consists of couple of windows, which are used for working with instruments (Instrument organiser), signals (Signal organiser) or are used for displaying graphs or properties.

Main program window

Main program window includes Organisers:

Main program window

Instrument organiser

Currently, following tools are implemented in anasig:

  • FFT analyser
  • LTI system (linear time invariant system)
  • Kalman filter
  • FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter

Signal organiser

Signal organiser is a tool to store and work with signals. There are also appearing the newly created signals from the intruments (after processing) in this signal organiser window. It is also possible to import signals from files compatible with the MATLAB format, Python's pickle module and WAV files. User can also use a built-in signal generator which supports following basic signal types:

  • constant
  • sinus
  • white noise

Application outputs

Application is able to export a publication quality graphs using matplotlib library in several bitmap or vector formats as for example SVG (Scalable Vectror Graphic). Therefore the user can edit the result image in its favourite graphics editor (e.g. Inkscape) and make some additional changes.

example graph example of Kalman filter utilization

Other features

For all built-in instruments and signals it is possible to set various number of properties which vary from one to another. An example of changing dynamics of Kalman filter by setting the state matrix is show on the following picture:

Properties setting

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