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πŸš€A collection of React components and JS libraries used in apps
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Stellar Apps

A collection of React components and JS libraries used by apps


Apollo @stellar-apps/apollo

This package contains react-apollo utilities and components

Babel Presets @stellar-apps/babel-presets

These are the Babel presets used by @stellar-apps when creating packages and web applications.

Buttons @stellar-apps/buttons

This package contains wrapper Button types around curls/Button

Content @stellar-apps/content

A component for establishing site-wide content widths

createPreset @stellar-apps/create-preset

Utility function for creating and maintaining @stellar-apps/babel-presets. It allows one to define presets and plugins, turn off transforms, configure sub-presets, and impose granularity for development and production Babel environments.

Errors @stellar-apps/errors

This package contains an Error provider and formatter around @jaredlunde/curls-addons/Alerts for displaying errors in a Drawer-like fashion from the top of the viewport.

Fetcher @stellar-apps/fetcher

A useful set of components for fetching JSON data on both the client and server side.

Forms @stellar-apps/forms

This package contains form-related components with helpers for fetch-based and react-apollo-based forms using Formik and curls in the background.

getDefaultMatches @stellar-apps/get-default-matches

Determines the default breakpoint to set for a curls/BreakPoint component based upon the device returned by the curls theme.grid.device (one of desktop/mobile/tablet).

HamburgerMenu @stellar-apps/hamburger-menu

A component for creating configurable and versatile hamburger menus and hamburgers.

Hero (with min-height) @stellar-apps/min-height-hero

A Hero component that sets the viewport's height as a min-height unless the maxHeight prop is set and exceeds the viewport height.

Hero (set to viewport height) @stellar-apps/viewport-hero

A Hero component that sets the viewport's height as a height.

Intersection @stellar-apps/intersection

A render prop component pattern which provides an interface for the IntersectionObserver API.

LazyLoad @stellar-apps/lazy-load

Components for lazy loading images, iframes, and more.

MadeByStellar @stellar-apps/made-by-stellar

A component that creates a "Made with πŸš€ by Stellar" link.

Select @stellar-apps/select

A component for creating <select> menus which use the native <select> functionality on touch devices while using custom functionality on all other devices.

ScrollToLink @stellar-apps/scroll-to-link

A link component for scrolling to a particular querySelector on the page using an easing function.

SEO @stellar-apps/seo

A basic toolset for killing several (social, SEO) birds with one stone in non-complex meta data situations.

Serverless Plugins @stellar-apps/serverless-plugins

Plugins for the Serverless Framework used in Stellar apps and apis.

SSR @stellar-apps/ssr

Utility functions for rendering and serving React apps from the server-side

TriggerPoint @stellar-apps/trigger-point

A component for triggering events when an element enters or exits the viewport.

Webpack @stellar-apps/webpack

Used for creating webpack configurations for Stellar apps with predefined development and production configs. Also provides a function for starting simple, fast development servers.

Package Management

Create a new package

yarn create-pkg [package name] [--react|-r|--esx|-e]


  • [package name]
    • The name of the new package
  • --react|-r
    • Creates a new React package
  • --esx|-e
    • Creates a new plain Babel package without React

Install all packages

yarn install-all

Build all packages

yarn build-all

Upgrade all packages

yarn upgrade-all

Publish all packages

yarn publish-all [version bump]


  • [version bump]
    • abides by semver
    • one of prerelease, patch, minor, major to be applied to all packages in the repo
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