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My personal “starter” theme (base theme) I use when working with projects using the Genesis Framework
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Starter Genesis Child Theme

Author: Jared Atchison (@jaredatch)
Version: 2.0
Requires at least: WordPress 3.4 and Genesis 1.8
License: GPLv2


Please Note: A new theme is being developed jointly by myself and Bill Erickson and may be released publically in the future at some point. This theme will continue to work, but does not support Genesis 2 HTML5.

This is my personal "starter" theme (base theme) I use when working with a project running the Genesis Framework. Feel free to use it as you see fit. Obviously, it requires the Genesis Framework. Suggestions and forks encouraged.

You may also want to check out Bill Erickson's starter Genesis child theme which is very similar.



  • Major overhaul. Thsi is the last version to support Genesis < 2.0.


  • Changed the cleanup.php to genesis-cleanup.php and tweaked functions
  • Added HTML5 doctype in function.php
  • Added responsive.php for responsive sites
  • Moved footer menu functionality to lib/footer-navigation.php
  • Cleaned up all docblocks
  • Completely new style.css and style-editor.css, includes some elements from Bootstrap
  • Removed some unused images


  • Too much to list. Technical, I know.


  • Rereleased on new repo, total rebuild from previous versions.


  • Initial commit.
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