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Shared Counts is built for performance and customization. It's the perfect tool for implementing social sharing links on your WordPress website.


  • shared_counts_display Customize what is displayed in the share count area.
  • shared_counts_display_wrap_format Customize the wrapping class and format of share count area.
  • shared_counts_theme_locations Specify which hooks/filters are used for the "Before Content" and "After Content" share buttons. See the code for more information.
  • shared_counts_link An array of elements used to form the share link. See the code for more information.
  • shared_counts_link_url The URL being shared
  • shared_counts_default_image Default image used by Pinterest for generic URLs.
  • shared_counts_single_image Image used by Pinterest for singular content (post, page...). Set to Featured Image by default.
  • shared_counts_site_url What URL is used if you specify 'site' as the ID. Defaults to home_url().
  • shared_counts_single The share count used when the requested service isn't recognized. If you're adding custom services, you'll use this to set the share count for that service.
  • shared_counts_total Customize what is used as the 'total_count'
  • shared_counts_load_css Disable the CSS from loading.
  • shared_counts_load_js Disable the JavaScript from loading.
  • shared_counts_email_modal Enable email modal window in use cases where the share button is manually being called.
  • shared_counts_email_labels Email modal window labels for different fields. See the code for more information.
  • shared_counts_email_subject Subject used in email modal. Defaults to "Your friend $from_name has shared an article with you"
  • shared_counts_email_body Body of email used in email modal. Defaults to Post Title and Post Permalink.
  • shared_counts_email_headers Email headers used by email modal. See the code for more information.
  • shared_counts_update_increments How frequently the share counts are updated. See the code for default increments.
  • shared_counts_api_params Customize the global API parameters (currently only contains URL). Example
  • shared_counts_admin_services What services are available on the settings page
  • shared_counts_query_services What services are available to be queried for share counts
  • shared_counts_options The options used on the settings page
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