Script that will download and prep a WordPress install for you.
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Author: Jared Atchison ( @jaredatch / )
Version: 1.0
License: GPLv2


I typically setup 2-4 new development sites a week. While this process doesn't take long, I was doing thing same thing over and over again. Each setup required the same files and plugins to be uploaded - I wanted to automate the process. This script was the result.

This script is ideal for people who have a dedicated area for development, e.g. - however it could be used in smaller use cases as well.

What's here is the first primary pass. There are likely bugs and optimizations that can be made - forks and pull requests are encouraged.

Lastly, depending on your host this may only partially work or may not even work at all.

Some nifty features include:
  • Ability to download the latest stable version of WordPress - or if you are adventurous - use trunk. It can be toggled with the click of a link.
  • Create and install to a directory - e.g.
  • Auto upload the Genesis Framework
  • Auto upload base theme (with supports GitHub repos)
  • Auto upload batch plugin installer (see plugin-install.txt)
  • Delete Hello Dolly
  • Delete TwentyTen/Eleven
  • Delete wp-prep.php after completion

This script is loosely based off of WP Downloader - just greatly expanded upon.


configure wp-prep.php
  • First and most importantly, set a new password (line 16)
  • Assuming you want to use Genesis, a base theme, and batch plugin install - configure those URLs (line 17-19)
configure plugin-install.txt
  • This plugin will provide the ability to batch install/activate other plugins
  • Follow the template to modify the plugin-install.txt as you see fit
Profit. Once configured, visit wp-prep.php


WordPress admin dashboard


  • Initial release