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Insurgency Theaters

These are the theaters I created which modify Insurgency. A lot of the mods I created have been put in the main game, so these theaters change a lot less than they used to.

  • Very Not Fun: The theater currently in use on my servers and the 7th Cav, among others. This isn't realistic in the sense of Arma, but is set up to create a unique challenge for players using smarter balancing. The players have access to more lethal weapons, more ammunition, and greater overall strength when moving as a unit. The server is set up to be absolutely unforgiving to those that move too quickly or make mistakes. Move slow and communicate, and it should feel easy.
    • Adds 16 player slots.
    • Replaces both squads as Squad Leader, Specialist X2, DM, Rifleman x3, and Support. Each has a wide range of weapons.
      • Squad Leader: Rifleman weapons, plus C4, shotgun secondary, and UMP45.
      • Specialist: UMP45, sniper rifles, and shotgun secondary, AT4/C4.
      • Designated Marksman: Sniper rifles, smoke and flash.
      • Rifleman: M16, M4, M14, Galil and all attachments/launchers. Hand-thrown grenades only. Pistol secondaries.
      • Support: M249 and Galil SAR. Drum magazines for Galil. Hand-thrown grenades only.
    • Adds 48 bot slots.
    • Adds M249 cloth magazines, and a 7.62mm conversion for 50% more damage and 100% more suppression.
    • M67 Grenades have larger radius, throw and get cover!
    • Increased recoil on M249, this is now a stationary/defensive LMG. Deploy the bipod for excellent results.
    • Decreased recoil on Galil SAR, added burst fire, set up as "Assault LMG" for support or something between M16 and M14 for other classes.
    • Shotgun is secondary weapon for Specialist.
    • Fixed M4/Galil AP ammo damage.
    • M203 HE has a large explosive radius and slightly less damage. Good for clearing open areas.
    • M203 HEDP has a smaller explosive radius but better penetration and much higher damage. Great for indoor work.
    • Increased C4 damage and greatly increased through-wall damage from demo breach.
    • AT4 has additional damage and penetration, good for clearing rooms from outside.
    • RPG has higher radius but almost no penetration. Stay in cover and you should be fine.
    • IED has massive damage and radius.
    • Added extended magazines to M14.
    • Sliding disabled.
    • Removed all class restrictions.
    • Removed most weight.
    • Removed most supply costs for Security.
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