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using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Bogus;
using Dapper;
using Dapper.Contrib.Extensions;
using WebApp.Articles;
using WebAppTests.Factories;
using WebAppTests.Fixtures;
using Xunit;
namespace WebAppTests.IntegrationTests
public class ArticleRepository_Tests : DapperFixture
private Faker _faker = new Faker();
public async Task GetArticlesAsync_Returns_Articles()
// arrange
var expectedArticleCount = _faker.Random.Int(5, 15);
var expectedArticles = ArticleFactory.Create(expectedArticleCount);
foreach(var article in expectedArticles)
await Connection.InsertAsync<Article>(article);
var repo = new ArticleRepository(Connection);
// act
var articles = await repo.GetArticlesAsync();
// assert
Assert.Equal(expectedArticleCount, articles.Count);