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Quick Start Guide

Target Audience

This wiki is geared towards developers who wish to extend and customize the plugin. For general usage information visit https://www.wpccb.com/documentation/

Why CCB Core?

CCB Core is intended to be a plugin for Developers, Designers, and Site Administrators that provides a framework for synchronizing Church Community Builder API data into WordPress.

Customize & Extend

Out of the box, CCB Core provides a basic integration with the group_profiles and public_calendar_listing services. It uses a CCB_Core_Synchronizer class in order to import CCB Entities as Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, and Post Meta.

There are three main ways to customize or extend (build upon) this plugin.

Actions & Filters

The plugin exposes several hooks that will allow you to customize many of the default settings & fire your own code during the synchronization process. Using these hooks you can alter most of the tasks performed by the plugin. Need a hook? Create an issue and let's discuss the best implementation!

Custom Post Type Classes

A Custom Post Type Class is at the heart of how we map a CCB Entity to a Custom Post in WordPress.

Think of it like this: A "thing" in CCB (like a Group) becomes a "thing" in WordPress (a single post of a type called ccb_core_group).

Custom Taxonomy Classes

A Custom Taxonomy Class is how we map some of the properties of a CCB Entity to a Custom Taxonomy in WordPress. These custom taxonomies must always link (relate to) a Custom Post Type.

For example, a Group may belong to a Group Type in the same way a Post belongs to a Category.


There are a few code samples that demonstrate how to customize the plugin and create your own Custom Post Type Classes that map to other CCB API services.

Have you created something that may be useful for others to see? The Wiki is open, please add your example!

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