1.0.0 Stable Release

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Important Notice - Breaking Changes

Please note that Custom Post Type and Custom Taxonomy names (slugs) have changed. The intention is to bring the names in line with community WordPress standards.

Migration Guide


If you were using any of these slugs in your own code (templates, functions.php, your own plugin, etc) you should search and replace these values in your code.

Post Types

Old Slug (0.9.x) New Slug (1.0.0)
ccb-core-groups ccb_core_group
ccb-core-calendar ccb_core_calendar


Old Slug (0.9.x) New Slug (1.0.0)
group_areas ccb_core_group_area
group_days ccb_core_group_day
group_types ccb_core_group_type
group_times ccb_core_group_time
group_departments ccb_core_group_department
group_tags ccb_core_group_tag
calendar_event_type ccb_core_calendar_event_type
calendar_group_name ccb_core_calendar_group_name
calendar_grouping_name ccb_core_calendar_grouping_name

Post Meta

Old Slug (0.9.x) New Slug (1.0.0)
group_main_leader main_leader
group_calendar_feed calendar_feed
addresses (No Change) addresses (No Change)
(New In 1.0.0) current_members
(New In 1.0.0) group_capacity
calendar_date date
calendar_start_time start_time
calendar_end_time end_time
calendar_duration event_duration
(New in 1.0.0) location

Settings Changes

The global options for the plugin (accessed via get_options()) have been renamed. The parent option name is the same: ccb_core_settings.

However each option in the array has replaced any dashes - with underscores _. For example:

$settings = get_option( 'ccb_core_settings' );

// Previously in 0.9.x
$groups_enabled = $settings['groups-enabled'];
// Now in 1.0.0
$groups_enabled = $settings['groups_enabled'];

When upgrading the plugin, the options will be automatically migrated to the new structure. There is no need to make any changes unless you were referencing some options in your own code.

Here is a complete list of options that have been renamed.

Old Name (0.9.x) New Name (1.0.0)
groups-enabled groups_enabled
groups-name groups_name
groups-slug groups_slug
groups-import-images groups_import_images
groups-advanced groups_advanced
groups-exclude-from-search groups_exclude_from_search
groups-publicly-queryable groups_publicly_queryable
groups-show-ui groups_show_ui
groups-show-in-nav-menus groups_show_in_nav_menus
calendar-enabled calendar_enabled
calendar-name calendar_name
calendar-slug calendar_slug
calendar-advanced calendar_advanced
calendar-date-range-type calendar_date_range_type
calendar-relative-weeks-past calendar_relative_weeks_past
calendar-relative-weeks-future calendar_relative_weeks_future
calendar-specific-start calendar_specific_start
calendar-specific-end calendar_specific_end
calendar-exclude-from-search calendar_exclude_from_search
calendar-publicly-queryable calendar_publicly_queryable
calendar-show-ui calendar_show_ui
calendar-show-in-nav-menus calendar_show_in_nav_menus
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