A simple Android application deodexer for Linux & macOS
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A simple Android application deodexer for Linux & macOS.


  • zipalign binaries for Linux and macOS (from android build-tools 27.0.2)
  • baksmali/smali 2.2.2
  • oat2dex 0.88


$ chmod a+x ./deodex.sh
$ ./deodex.sh -h
  Usage: ./deodex.sh <options>
         e.g. "./deodex.sh -l 19"
      -d <dir>   Use <dir> as base directory instead of triage/
      -f <dir>   Only deodex apps in triage/<dir>.
      -g         Display API level list
      -h         Display this help message
      -l <num>   Use API level <num>. REQUIRED!
      -z         Only zipalign apps and exit

Supported Android versions

Android 8.0 and below are currently supported. (7.1.x and below have been tested.)

To check the currently supported versions:

$ ./deodex -g