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Allow for "global" filters #123

RaphiePS opened this Issue Dec 18, 2013 · 5 comments

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There should be a "nice" way to have something run before all actions. For example, say I'm using connect-flash. I'd want to pass flash messages into every page, so it gets rather repetitive to have this in every controller:

controller.before('*', function(next) {
  this.messages = this.req.flash('messages');
  this.errors = this.req.flash('errors');
  // etc

I suppose something like this could be put in the middleware initializer, but in my mind initializers should represent application setup, not logic.

If you agree, I'd be happy to submit a pull request!


Didn't know that existed! Inheritance sounds perfect. I just took a glance at controller.js and couldn't find anything related to inheritance, but perhaps I didn't look hard enough.

redking commented Dec 18, 2013

Do you plan on releasing a changelog or updated docs for the latest release? I wasn't aware that controller inheritance had been added!

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