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I'm looking for a way to do form validation. My situation is as follows (I'm pretty new to node dev, so I may not be doing things entirely right, but here we go...)

I have a 'create' route on a controller as follows:

AccountsController.create = function() {
  var account = new Account(); = this.param('email');
  account.password = this.param('password');

  var self = this;
  account.register(function (err) {
    // There was a validation problem!
    return self.redirect(self.urlFor({  action: 'new' }));
    // we're good - the model was created... crack on.
    return self.redirect(self.urlFor({ action: 'login' }));

Account is a mongo model - The register method should probably be static, but I think the general gist is there...

If register returns validation problems (from mongo - lack of required fields etc) they are contained in the err argument passed to me fail callback.

I think I would like to register the problems on the response then redirect and have them available in the view. eg:

account.register(function (err) {
    return self.redirect(self.urlFor({  action: 'new' }));
    return self.redirect(self.urlFor({ action: 'login' }));

addFormState method adds the errors object to some property available in the view -> in this case it is the mongo error - probably not so cool because I don't want to couple to mongo error messages... I think error object available on the view needs to be an array of something like:

{ formFieldName: 'email', errorMessage: 'email address required'}

Does this seem a reasonable approach?

if so I am up for having a punt at creating some code for this sort of thing, or helping out on an effort. As I said - new to node, so may not get it right, but I can have a go.

Do you think there are any other requirements form validation might need, or perhaps a better way of addressing this problem?




Hi Paul,

I'd recommend using a library like


Validation is out of scope of Locomotive. Choose whatever validation module you prefer.

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