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Allow dash for folder and file names? #43

pixelfreak opened this Issue · 2 comments

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William Khoe Phips Peter Jared Hanson
William Khoe

If I do this:

this.match('find-a-product', 'find-a-product#index');

It'll look for views/find_a_product/index.jade. Is it possible to use dash instead?

Is it a common naming convention in Node.js to use underscore?


Phips Peter

I haven't seen a leading convention yet. I know in Ruby, underscores became popular because the language style is to use snake_case. In Javascript, it's camelCase so maybe directories should be like that?

Jared Hanson

View paths use underscore by convention in Locomotive. In 0.4.x it'll be possible to change this, using notation like:


I'm not going to encourage or formally document this though, and implementing the resolver will be left to the developer.

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