Add CLI parameter to 'lcm create' for specifying .jade as a template language. #62

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k00k commented Dec 2, 2012

A handy feature would be the ability to call something like "lcm create -t jade myproject" to use jade files as the default so you don't have to go through and replace .ejs everywhere.

imothee commented Mar 23, 2013

I had a quick go at working out what would have to be done to 'easily' enable multiple templates. Some of it is a bit ugly (such as doing a global replace on %TEMPLATEENGINE% in the allEnvironments) but from my initial testing it works.

I'm happy to write code/refactor to handle this in a different/cleaner way or make a pull request to add these additions directly into lcm.


Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't want lcm to be in the generator business. lcm create is just a simple example to get up and running, and the code is meant to be replaced by with your preferred template engine, etc.

Feel free to make boilerplate repos to clone, that come pre-configured with other modules.

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