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# Passport
-Passport is an authentication framework for [Connect](
-and [Express](, which is extensible through "plugins"
-known as _strategies_.
-Passport is designed to be a general-purpose, yet simple, modular, and
-unobtrusive, authentication framework. Passport's sole purpose is to
-authenticate requests. In being modular, it doesn't force any particular
-authentication strategy on your application. In being unobtrusive, it doesn't
-mount routes in your application. The API is simple: you give Passport a
-request to authenticate, and Passport provides hooks for controlling what occurs
-when authentication succeeds or fails.
+Passport is [Express]( authentication
+middleware for [Node.js](
+Passport is both simple and unobtrusive. Passport's sole purpose is to
+authenticate requests, which it does through an extensible set of plugins known
+as _strategies_. Passport does not mount routes or assume any particular
+database schema - application-level decisions are left up to the developer.
+The API is simple: you provide Passport a request to authenticate, and Passport
+provides hooks for controlling what occurs when authentication succeeds or
## Install

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