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Logout function does not always remove cookie on IE8 #22

steveworkman opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Steve Workman Jared Hanson
Steve Workman

Strange bug this one, in IE8 only (IE9 is fine, so is Chrome & Safari on iPad).

To reproduce:
*log in
*navigat to a page in the app
*hit sign out => redirects to login
*Manually enter the last URL you were at => Access granted.

However, oddly this doesn't apply to all pages.

I guess this is related to how IE8 handles the delete session command. Is this your area or express/connect/node?

Jared Hanson

Strange indeed. Here's the beginning of relevant code from Passport:

Passport just deletes the user property from the session object. Connect provides that, so I suspect the issued should be filed with them to see what their recommendation is (if they are aware of it).

Please cross-reference any related tickets here, so we can track this one. I'm happy to provide any workaround in Passport, if necessary.

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