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Support out of band authentication #36

bmeck opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Some applications such as a SSO solution for tooling would greatly benefit from passport, but as it stands creating out of band strategies are a bit cumbersome:

Would it be possible to have an option that would disable sending the response immediately on error and instead pass it to the next middleware with the info forwarding to the next function as it's error.


Yeah! This has been on my mind for a bit, and I want to get good support for this implemented.

Right now my top priority is additional API support (for example, OAuth tokens that also encode scope, client, lifetime, etc.) to marshal info into separate authz middleware. I've got a bunch of code I'll be pushing soon-ish on that.

Once that's complete, this is the next area I'd like to tackle. I'd like to research typical deployments and tooling in this area to gain additional understanding. Any tips or links you have on the topic would help. Thanks!


@bmeck Ping. I've wrapped up API support (along with separate OAuth 1.0 and 2.0 middleware), so I'm starting to plan out the next features to implement.

Would like to get any specifics you can share regarding this use case. Feel free to email me directly to discuss.


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