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Problem on AWS #80

tjerabek opened this Issue · 7 comments

3 participants

tjerabek Eoin Murray Jared Hanson

my application don't work on AWS with passport and Google strategy. This is error:

if(i.charCodeAt(0) > 127)
TypeError: Object ��:
����"� has no method 'charCodeAt'
at Object.btwoc (/home/ec2-user/data/scrum/node_modules/passport-google/node_modules/passport-openid/node_modules/openid/lib/convert.js:33:8)
at _toBase64 (/home/ec2-user/data/scrum/node_modules/passport-google/node_modules/passport-openid/node_modules/openid/openid.js:70:40)
at Object.openid.associate (/home/ec2-user/data/scrum/node_modules/passport-google/node_modules/passport-openid/node_modules/openid/openid.js:637:35)
at successOrNext (/home/ec2-user/data/scrum/node_modules/passport-google/node_modules/passport-openid/node_modules/openid/openid.js:844:16)
at /home/ec2-user/data/scrum/node_modules/passport-google/node_modules/passport-openid/node_modules/openid/openid.js:860:5
at /home/ec2-user/data/scrum/node_modules/passport-google/node_modules/passport-openid/node_modules/openid/openid.js:607:7
at /home/ec2-user/data/scrum/node_modules/passport-google/node_modules/passport-openid/node_modules/openid/openid.js:485:16
at done (/home/ec2-user/data/scrum/node_modules/passport-google/node_modules/passport-openid/node_modules/openid/openid.js:201:9)
at IncomingMessage. (/home/ec2-user/data/scrum/node_modules/passport-google/node_modules/passport-openid/node_modules/openid/openid.js:205:32)
at IncomingMessage.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:123:20)

Everything is ok on my local computer.

Eoin Murray

I get the same error

Eoin Murray

@tjerabek what version of node are you using?


Last stable

Eoin Murray

same, on micro ec2. Any ideas, fix so far?


I have used Twitter auth instead. It's working well. I have no idea where is problem with Google auth.

Eoin Murray

That is a shame, its always nice to have the trio auth, Fb, Google and Twitter. I will look into a solution and post if I find one.

Jared Hanson

This is duplicated at jaredhanson/passport-google#4

I'm closing it here since it is specific to that strategy rather than Passport generally. As a workaround, I'd try switching to Google's OAuth 2.0 implementation, which is supported by passport-google-oauth. Google seems to be recommending that as their preferred approach for authentication..

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