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@vote539 vote539 Adding strategy easy-no-password. Fits most closely with the Forms section. Aug 23, 2016 3a49e46
@vhmth vhmth Updated Strategies (markdown) Aug 11, 2016 164124b
@vhmth vhmth Updated Strategies (markdown) Aug 11, 2016 27f827a
@vhmth vhmth Updated Strategies (markdown) Aug 11, 2016 2af8082
@RoryDH RoryDH Adding Intercom Aug 11, 2016 19dc5e9
@ewdave ewdave Implemented and Add strategy for Nylas's email client strategy using the OAuth 2.0 protocol API. Tested and working. Jul 18, 2016 abba2f4
@codebarista codebarista Add JWT Cookie Combo Jul 12, 2016 de5c4a6
@guischdi guischdi add Header API Key Strategy Jul 1, 2016 f93b53c
@bmoyroud bmoyroud added Cisco Spark strategy May 26, 2016 8d1f248
@katyatalluri katyatalluri adding a new strategy for passport-predix-oauth Apr 12, 2016 d667300
@didikeke didikeke add passport-fanfou for http://fanfou.com Mar 16, 2016 0c87ce7
@koistya koistya Add a reference to membership.db - SQL schema boilerplate for user accounts, roles, claims Feb 24, 2016 240a2ba
@aitormagan aitormagan Add FIWARE as OAuth2 strategy Nov 5, 2015 6c4cc51
@uiteoi uiteoi Updated Tutorials (markdown) Oct 1, 2015 e9ec523
@analog-nico analog-nico Added Pinterest strategy Oct 1, 2015 6a534cf
@kkleokrish kkleokrish Added NTLM/SPNEGO implementation Sep 22, 2015 f9e5262
@ludoo0d0a ludoo0d0a new strategy for Geocaching Aug 5, 2015 c2f4b63
@polymi polymi Created Who is using passport (markdown) Jul 10, 2015 ed8f9ea
@servel333 servel333 Added sails-auth https://github.com/tjwebb/sails-auth Jul 2, 2015 d914382
@soichih soichih Add IU CAS passport strategy. Apr 30, 2015 d175680
@yarax yarax Updated Strategies (markdown) Feb 24, 2015 5568bc5
@Nibbler999 Nibbler999 Add nest Feb 13, 2015 61cab6a
@Nibbler999 Nibbler999 Add Netatmo Feb 13, 2015 bf90d19
@kkkon kkkon Updated Strategies (markdown) Feb 3, 2015 2e5c92b
@shuhei shuhei Updated Strategies (markdown) Jan 3, 2015 9fe8a5a
@nickls nickls adding asana auth Dec 24, 2014 94521e8
@rustinpc rustinpc Added Slice (and link to repo) to the list. Dec 19, 2014 2d9a92b
@mukundha mukundha I have created a new strategy for kerberos, its a node wrapper for Java GSS API Aug 20, 2014 1be3395
@JMPerez JMPerez Add Spotify Strategy Aug 11, 2014 365326c
@xmikus01 xmikus01 Add passport-mojeid Aug 9, 2014 b8a3e25