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This is dar-based Blu-Ray redundant backup. It exists to back up a few hundred gigabytes of data onto dozens of optical discs in a way that it can be restored ten years later.


I've got a few hundred gigabytes of data and a fireproof box. The directions say not to put a hard drive in the box and expect it to work after a fire. My data is on an LVM logical volume, so I can make a snapshot to ensure it won't change during backup. This is my data I'm backing up, not my system, so I don't need bare-metal restore.


When I tried to restore my DVD backup from six years ago, made with dar and par2:

  1. I couldn't figure out how I ran dar to make the backup, nor how to run it to restore the files.

  2. Half the DVDs had scratches or media decay, and on those discs I/O errors caused the copying of the single, giant 4.5GB file to stop halfway through.

  3. I had par2 files that gave me 5% data redundancy. These were not enough, and they were on the same disc as the data that was lost.

  4. Nothing could save me if I had lost a whole disc containing a file I wanted.

  5. Once I figured out how the backup was made, I found that current versions of dar and par2 work as well as could be expected with the incomplete data I had.


To prevent the reoccurrence of these problems, darbrrb is designed in the following ways:

  1. darbrrb puts a copy of itself, including vital parameters used to run it, on every backup disc.

  2. darbrrb uses dar slice files smaller than the disc, and spreads the slices over sets of discs.

  3. darbrrb fills one or more of the discs in a set entirely with redundancy data: like RAID, but with optical discs, and a configurable number of spare discs.

  4. darbrrb uses dar and par 1 because they seem likely to be fetchable and usable in ten years.

What is it?

darbrrb is a single script, written in Python 3, which wraps dar and parchive. dar provides a hook, where a program can be run every time dar finishes a slice; darbrrb hooks into this to make the redundancy data at the proper times, and burn discs using growisofs.


dar-based Blu-Ray redundant backup







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