A LaTeX package for annotating documents regarding compliance with cybersecurity requirements
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This is cyber, a package for LaTeX which is used to make documents with annotations of compliance with cybersecurity requirements. It is based on the iadoc package, found at <https://github.com/afseo/cmits>.

For example, United States Department of Defense Instruction 8500.2 <http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/850002p.pdf> contains about 150 requirements ("IA controls") which apply to automated information systems like servers and networks. Those inside the Department who want to set up a new system must write documents showing how the system complies with the requirements, so that administrators will know how to configure it, and auditors can satisfy themselves that it complies with the requirements.

One such requirement, DCSS-1, states that "system initialization, shutdown, and aborts" must be "configured to ensure that the system remains in a secure state." With cyber, you can tag the part of your document that talks about DCSS-1 with implements{iacontrol}{DCSS-1}, and you will get a margin note and an index entry. iadoc is geared toward helping notate compliance with hundreds of requirements that are written across several discrete documents.

cyber also helps you format your document in a form suitable inside the U.S. Department of Defense, by attaching distribution statements, destruction notices, organization logos, and security labels to it.

cyber is released under the MIT license; see the file named LICENSE.