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Game Cross Compiler

This project is a website, (to be hosted at which serves an AJAX-style application, called the GameCC Editor. In addition to that, it also provides a community hub for sharing created and in progress games.

The Editor is similar in design and insperation to the GameMaker project, which I much admire. This project was created for a few reasons:

  • GameMaker does not support Linux
  • GameMaker executables are also windows-only
  • There are many interface changes that I have envisioned, and as GameMaker is closed source, I can't just add I made my own. In python =)

This project provides a cross-platform editor (as it is web-based, it will run anywhere you can run firefox or chrome) which has the ability to compile to a variety of platforms. Among these platforms are (finished and planned):

  • python
  • flash (via HaXe)
  • android phone
  • javascript canvas
  • C++
  • java
  • ...maybe iPhone...but I don't really like iPhone. If someone comes along and wants to write a backend, be my guest.

This project is also open source (as Mark Overmars' is not) which given its pluggable design can allow for much more rapid and community-basec development.

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