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#!/usr/bin/env python
from codetalker.pgm.errors import ParseError, TokenError
def parse_rule(name, grammar):
parts = name.split('.')
mod = __import__(name, fromlist=['__dict__'])
def meta(rule, passing=(), failing=()):
def _pass(string):
def meta():
grammar.get_parse_tree(string, start=rule)
return meta
def _fail(string):
def meta():
res = grammar.get_parse_tree(string, start=rule)
except (ParseError, TokenError), e:
raise AssertionError('parsing was supposed to fail for', string, res)
return meta
for i, string in enumerate(passing):
fn = _pass(string)
mod.__dict__['test_pass_rule_%s #%d' % (rule.__name__, i)] = fn
for i, string in enumerate(failing):
fn = _fail(string)
mod.__dict__['test_fail_rule_%s #%d' % (rule.__name__, i)] = fn
return meta
# vim: et sw=4 sts=4
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