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A reusable django app to add an AJAX "feedback" tab to your site
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Creates an ajax "feedback" button on your site, which pops up a form for the user to fill.

  • Add it to your installed apps:

    INSTALLED_APPS += ('feedback',)
  • Sync the database

  • Add a line to your

    url(r'^feedback/', include('feedback.urls')),
  • Use it (only requires template modifications):

    <!-- in header block -->
    {% include "feedback/header.html" %}
    <!-- in body block -->
    {% include "feedback/button.html" %}
  • Or use your own button which pops up feedback form:

    <!-- in body block -->
    {% include "feedback/feedback.html" %}
    <div class="feedback_button"/>
  • All feedback can be seen in the Django admin interface

  • Class "modal-open" is added to body for compatibility with Bootstrap modal.

  • Feedback can optionally be emailed to you as well, as it is submitted. Specify your email address in


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