A library for enabling the easy and intuitive creating of RESTful services in django
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Django RESTive

restive is a library for enabling easy setup of a RESTful service in django, and provides code for both client and server-side setup.

In keeping with DRY, restive gets all of the boiler-plate out of the way, allowing the intuitive creation of a rich ajax experience.

Some important points:

  • all communication is in JSON (this could be configurable, I guess, but I don't see any reason for it ATM)
    • this means that callback functions should return a dictionary, which JSON then serializes.
    • the serialization of django models is also supported: if the returned dictionary has a "_models" key, it should be a list of ORM instances, and it gets serialized by Django's builtin json serializer.
    • javascript POSTing to the service should put all passed data (keyword arguments) as JSON text under the key data.
  • all communication is verified by a CSRF token, to prevent forgeries. (not yet implemented)
  • restive_js is a client-side component to allow ease of interaction from the client side as well.

Here's restive's "Hello World":

from restive import Service

service = Service()

def greet(request, name='Jimmy'):
    return {'message': 'Hello %s!' % name}

urlpatterns = service.urls()

To enable your restive service, just include() the file where you defined the service in your urls.py. For example, if the above code were in hello_app/rest.py:

from django.conf.urls.defaults import *

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    ('^hello/', include('hello_app.rest')),

The greet function would then be available at http://mysite.com/hello/greet