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this is a little game I'm cooking up, written in Reason, using Reprocessing (a cross-platform opengl-backed 2d-graphics library).

Try it out at, and tell me what you think!

Download the osx native version from the releases page.


Building (currently broken 🙃, working on a more general solution)

git submodule update --init --recursive


(assuming you have http-server installed, via yarn global add http-server)

npm run js && npm run js:serve

Then open your browser to http://localhost:3121

If you don't have http-server, you can run npm run js and start your favorite webserver in the docs directory.

Native macOS


npm run build
npm start

(release, make a mac app)

npm run build:native
cd bundler && ./

Now you've got a mac app in ./bundler/


NOTE: You must have opam setup for this to work. ALSO NOTE: Ocaml currently produces binaries that have "text relocations", which android is unhappy about. So you'll get a popup in the dev build, but it doesn't show in the release build.

./reasongl-android/ # this is idempotent
npm run build:android

If you also want to install the debug apk to a simulator or device, do npm run run:android.


NOTE: You must have opam setup for this to work.

./reasongl-ios/ # this is idempotent
npm run build:ios

Then open the project ./ios/OcamlIOS.xcodeproj in Xcode, and you should be able to build & run.



Some good resources


This code is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 (CC BY-NC 4.0). If you use this code, you must attribute me (Jared Forsyth), and link back to this repository. If you want me to license parts of the codebase under a more permissive license, such as one that allows commercial use, you're welcome to ask.