A clean & easy documentation generator for reason/bucklescript/ocaml
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A clean & easy documentation generator for reason/bucklescript/ocaml.

Check out the generated docs at https://jaredforsyth.com/redoc.

How to use:

get the binary (either by downloading it, or building it yourself).

To build:

npm install
npm start

The binary is then in ./lib/bs/native/main.native. You can run ./redoc.sh, which delegates to that.

Common options

  --root (default: current directory)
      expected to contain bsconfig.json, and bs-platform in the node_modules
  --target (default: {root}/docs)
      where we should write out the docs
  --name (default: the name of the directory, capitalized)
      what this project is called
      don't print warnings about parse & type errors in code blocks
      assume code snippets are in ocaml syntax, not reason
  -h, --help
      print this help

Less used options

  --project-file (can be used multiple times)
      specified as /abs/path/to/.cmt:rel/path/from/repo/root
  --project-directory (can be used multiple times)
  --dependency-directory (can be used multiple times)
      a directory containing ".cmj" files that should be '-I'd when compiling snippets
  --bs-root (default: root/node_modules/bs-platform)
      don't include completions for the stdlib in the playground
      don't bundle the code examples. This disables editor support
      just parse the options & show the debug output of parsing cli args
      output debugging information

Related work


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