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Maintenance status: low. I'm not currently using this or RxJS, but I'm happy to review & merge pull requests if you want to make improvements.

Completion status: Prototype. I got something working that worked well for demos, but wasn't really sufficient for large app-sized use cases. It also hasn't been updated to the latest versions of RxJS.

Take off the blindfold

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It's easier to understand what's happening if you can look at it.

rxvision is a tool to visualize and debug your RxJS reactive streams.


The Demo (see it live)

You'll need webpack installed globally (npm install -g webpack).

npm install

Then you need to run a static server (so ajax will work in the demo). I use http-server (npm install -g http-server):

http-server -p 4321

then open http://localhost:4321/examples/gh-follow/index.html in a browser.


Check out the gh-follow source, or play with the playground here.

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