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A plugin for VIM that creates an Integrated Debugging Environment :) Currently works with PHP and Python
Python Vim script
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vim-debug-logo vim-debug

This plugin creates an integrated debugging environment in VIM.

It supports Python 2 and PHP.

Support Status

Seeking maintainer! I haven't used this actively in many years, and it's likely that alternatives have cropped up that are better. If you know one (or find one) please PR this readme and put a link [here] :D If you want to make this package better, open an issue asking to be a maintainer! Thanks




  • Integration with xdebug
  • Step (into/over/out)
  • Live stack view
  • Breakpoint set/remove
  • Watch expressions
  • Live scope view
  • Some improvements to make it easier to hack
    • It's now in a true python package
    • Modularized
    • Cleaned up, substantially rewritten for consistency


  • Conditional breakpoints


To start your debug session, use the following variants:

Usage: Dbg - (no auto start)
       Dbg . (autostart current file -- python)
       Dbg url (autostart a URL -- PHP)
       Dbg num (autostart a past url -- PHP)

Note: for PHP urls, vim-debug keeps track of the last 5 urls you debugged -- so you don't have to keep typing them in.

Debugger commands:

[usage:] dbg command [options]
- quit    :: exit the debugger
- run     :: continue execution until a breakpoint is reached or the program ends
         default shortcut: \r
- stop    :: exit the debugger
- over    :: step over next function call
         default shortcut: \o
- watch   :: execute watch functions
         default shortcut: \w
- up      :: go up the stack
         default shortcut: \u
- here    :: continue execution until the cursor (tmp breakpoint)
         default shortcut: \h
- down    :: go down the stack
         default shortcut: \d
- exit    :: exit the debugger
- eval    :: eval some code
- break   :: set a breakpoint
         default shortcut: \b
- into    :: step into next function call
         default shortcut: \i
- out     :: step out of current function call
         default shortcut: \t

To disable the default mappings, set the variable g:vim_debug_disable_mappings to a value different than 0 in the debugger.vim file.

For example:

let g:vim_debug_disable_mappings = 1


Execute the following commands:

sudo pip install dbgp

and then use your preferred vim plugin manage (pathogen, Vundle, vim-plug, et al.) and install this repository (jaredly/vim-debug) as appropriate for the given manager.

Take a look

Screenshot: [full size]

A screencast tutorial:

Some links of interest

Python package installer

Xdebug docs


Sam Ghods:(last activity 6/21/07)
Seung Woo Shin:(last activity 12/7/04)
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