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git clone

cd vc

./makeLinks - This will create symlinks in your HOME dir and checkout the initial Vundle plugin for vim and then open vim and install the other bundles.

Key Mappings

IDE Stuff

  • \1 - NERDTree Toggle
  • \2 - TagBar
  • \3 - NERDTree Find

Tab/Split Keys

  • Ctrl-h/j/k/l - Navigate split windows
  • Ctrl+f - Previous Tab
  • Ctrl+g - Next Tab
  • Ctrl+c - Close current tab
  • Ctrl+t - Open new tab with :e active


  • \bi - :BundleInstall - will install any new bundles
  • \bu - :BundleInstall!- will install any new bundles and update existing (slower)
  • \bc - :BundleClean - remove any bundles that aren't in your .vimrc


  • \ev - Edit .vimrc
  • \n - toggle line numbers
  • \r - toggle relative line numbers (0 starts at your cursors and counts outward from there handy for block operations)
  • jj - Esc alias

Stock Plugins

  • Vundle - Vundle is a plugin managemer similar to Pathogen
  • NERDTree - A directory tree explorer for vim.
  • NERDCommenter - A powerful plugin for commenting code
  • Fugitive - An awesome Git wrapper
  • Powerline - A sexy new status line (Vim 7.3+)
  • Snipmate - Useful code snippets
  • Snipmate Snippets - A collection of useful snippets in a bunch for a bunch of languages
  • Align - Plugin that is useful for aligning text
  • Surround - Allows you to easily surround text with stuff like quotes and parenthesis
  • Xterm Color Table - Displays the colors availabe to vim, handy if you are editing your color scheme a lot
  • jsLint - Automatically checks your JavaScript for common coding errors and bad coding patterns
  • Rails - Makes working in RoR projects a dream.
  • Smart Input - A really nice tag autocompletor
  • Tagbar - Lets you see functions, methods, and properties in your current file and jump to them.
  • Syntastic - Adds smart parenthesis/brackets and a few other syntax tweaks to your files
  • Xdebug - Allows for proper debugging php scripts
  • Html Annoyance - Fixes a few annoyances when editing HTML, paricularly the underline of anchor tages when they span multiple lines
  • JavaScript Syntax - Adds a few syntax tweaks to javascript files
  • Node - Adds node keywords to javascript files
  • Nodejs Complete - Adds better omnicomplete support for node js files
  • Ack - Allows ack-grepping from inside vim
  • Easy Motion - Better movement in vim files
  • Color Schemes - Like a billion colorschemes
  • Command-T - Amazing fuzzy file searching.

For Command-T to work you will need to have vim compiled with the ruby interpretor enabled and you will probably have to run rake make in the $VIM/bundles/Command-T directory.

  • DBExt - Great tool for working with a database inside of vim.

For DBExt you'll need to create an sql.vim that contains your DB connection info in your home directory (or edit the .vimrc to move it).

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