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#This will export all your keychain information to keychain.txt

  1. security dump-keychain -d login.keychain > keychain.txt
  2. You will need to open the "justClickAllow.scpt" file, and click the start button, this will make it so you dont have to click allow every time, it can do thousdands of clicks in a couple minutes.
  3. Now open the KeychainAccess Application in the Utilities Folder (click finder and do CMD+Shift+U)
  4. Click File, Select 'New Keychain', Give it a name (i made mine iCloudBackup), and make sure you save it in your ~/Library/Keychains/ folder, create a password for it.
  5. Click your iCloud Keychain, click one of the items in the list, and do CMD+A to select them all.
  6. Right click the selected list of items and click "Copy # Items".
  7. Now go back to the new Keychain, and right click in the white space and do "Paste # Items".
  8. Now its going to pop up with an alert asking for your password, open up the "enterPasswordClickAllow.scpt" file. Replace where it says 'PASSWORD' with your computer password, and click start.
  9. After this is complete, youre going to run security dump-keychain -d iCloudBackup.keychain > ikeychain.txt make sure you change iCloudBackup to the name you gave it. Also make sure you change the file which it will be exporting the keychain to differently than the first time. I just added an i to the keychain.txt
  10. Now youre going to want to do and then
  11. Open up 1Password application, select file -> import. Find the keychain.csv file you created, and put the drop down to 'Comma Delimited Text (.csv)' DO NOT CLICK LAST PASS (.csv), your passwords would be imported as the notes in plain text and we dont want that( i messed this up once)
  12. Delete the new iCloudBackup keychain and .txt and .csv files that were created, and youre done! If you have any question, feel free to ask