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This is a work in progress package for analyzing and visualizing neural networks.
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python ~/Desktop/best_evolved_genome.dat ~/Desktop/

For Compressed Graphs (Hidden Nodes placed by rank only.):
dot -Tpng -o best_evolved_genome.png

For graphs with each rank on a separate line:
dot -Tpng -Gnewrank -o best_evolved_genome.png

Test Case:

If you simply want to get started with some test data, you can use the .dat file included in the test_data folder and use the following commands.

python ./test_data/evolved_genome.dat ./test_data/
dot -Tpng -Gnewrank ./test_data/evolved_genome.dat ./test_data/evolved_genome.png

This will create a massive png file, but should give you a rough idea of the type of plot this package currently generates.
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