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<!-- ********************* Begin Gazebo Defaults ******************************** -->
<!-- these are the arguments you can pass this launch file, for example paused:=true -->
<arg name="paused" default="true"/>
<arg name="use_sim_time" default="true"/>
<arg name="gui" default="false"/>
<arg name="headless" default="true"/>
<arg name="debug" default="false"/>
<!-- these are the arguments you can pass this launch file, for example paused:=true -->
<arg name="extra_gazebo_args" default=""/>
<arg name="physics" default="ode"/>
<arg name="verbose" default="true"/>
<arg name="world_name" value="$(find basicbot_gazebo)/worlds/"/>
<arg name="respawn_gazebo" default="false"/>
<arg name="use_clock_frequency" default="false"/>
<arg name="pub_clock_frequency" default="100"/>
<!-- set use_sim_time flag -->
<group if="$(arg use_sim_time)">
<param name="/use_sim_time" value="true" />
<!-- set command arguments -->
<arg unless="$(arg paused)" name="command_arg1" value=""/>
<arg if="$(arg paused)" name="command_arg1" value="-u"/>
<arg unless="$(arg headless)" name="command_arg2" value=""/>
<arg if="$(arg headless)" name="command_arg2" value="-r"/>
<arg unless="$(arg verbose)" name="command_arg3" value=""/>
<arg if="$(arg verbose)" name="command_arg3" value="--verbose"/>
<arg unless="$(arg debug)" name="type" value="gzserver"/>
<arg if="$(arg debug)" name="type" value="debug"/>
<group if="$(arg use_clock_frequency)">
<param name="gazebo/pub_clock_frequency" value="$(arg pub_clock_frequency)" />
<!-- ********************* End Gazebo Defaults ******************************** -->
<!-- start gazebo server-->
<remap from="/clock" to="ga1_clock"/>
<env name="GAZEBO_MASTER_URI" value="http://localhost:11345"/>
<node name="gazebo" pkg="gazebo_ros" type="gzserver" respawn="$(arg respawn_gazebo)"
output="screen" args="$(arg command_arg1) $(arg command_arg2) $(arg command_arg3) -e $(arg physics)
$(arg extra_gazebo_args) $(arg world_name)">
<remap from="clock" to="gazeboclock"/>
<!-- Load the transporter node -->
<node name="basicbot_transporter" pkg="basicbot_ga" type="" output="screen">
<!-- Load the turn_drive_scan node -->
<node name="turn_drive_scan" pkg="basicbot_ga" type="" output="screen">
<!-- Load the step world node -->
<node name="step_world" pkg="world_step" type="step_world_server">
<!-- Load the URDF into the ROS Parameter Server -->
<param name="robot_description"
command="$(find xacro)/xacro '$(find basicbot_description)/urdf/basicbot.xacro'" />
<!-- Run a python script to the send a service call to gazebo_ros to spawn a URDF robot -->
<node name="urdf_spawner" pkg="gazebo_ros" type="spawn_model" respawn="false" output="screen"
args="-urdf -model basicbot -param robot_description">