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@jaredpalmer jaredpalmer released this Dec 8, 2018 · 599 commits to master since this release

Minor Release


  • Massive performance improvement over 1.3.x with tiny change to isValidating and smarter internal orchestration of validation
  • Treeshaking thanks to @TrySound

About that #perf boost...

In 1.4.x isValidating will only now toggle during submission and if you manually call validateForm, otherwise it will remain false. In the past, it toggled on change and blur which caused a performance regression with certain libraries (like styled-components). Additionally, Formik internally runs validation slightly more intelligently: it will now cancel a running validation promise if a newer one is executed prior to committing the update. This can save lots and lots of renders.


Update on Formik v2

Formik v2 is coming very soon (#1063)!!! We'll start to publish canary releases next week. Stay tuned!

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