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@agilgur5 agilgur5 released this 23 Aug 04:28
· 81 commits to master since this release


  • Types are only checked once now, type declarations are only emitted once now, and cache is shared with all formats
    • Previously it was once per each format
    • This was a roughly 15-30% perf boost altogether on the TSDX test suite, but YMMV

Template Bugfixes

  • Templates no longer have baseUrl or paths set in their tsconfig, fixing a long-standing bug

Template Docs

  • Template READMEs have been significantly improved, adding consistency between all 3, fixing outdated portions, and better describing certain behaviors


Lists of commits:


  • optim: only check types once (#758) 79dddc4
  • (optim): no need for separate cacheRoot per format (#691) 3357cbf
  • (optim/fix): only emit type declarations once (#691) 6929300

Template Improvements

  • deps: upgrade actions/cache to v2 in all templates (#750) 984e024

Template Bugfixes

  • (fix): templates should not have baseUrl or paths set (#707) 17ffcd2

Template Docs

  • (docs): basic template README should be like React ones (#706) e7128f8
  • (docs): add GitHub Actions info to template CI READMEs (#706) effdc31
  • (docs): remove duplicative "Using the Playground" section (#706) f360f9b
  • (docs): improve consistency in template READMEs (#706) 356bbda
  • (docs): remove version/permalink refs in template READMEs (#706) 76a0530
  • (docs): update outdated Jest info in template READMEs (#706) d4ff914


  • lint: manually fix new website ESLint errors and warnings (#794) 9fea19d
  • format: auto-fix new website formatting errors (#794) 3dfdafb
  • format: auto-fix help dialog formatting error (#794) 99d982a
  • Update features.js f0963cb
  • Fix edit link e85b9ab
  • Remove unused image 4f6bdb4
  • Remove docusaurus site 1b3452b
  • Put up redirect at old docs site 5f49acd
  • New docs site! (#765) b09e195
  • Update help channels to point to formium org (#762) 25a39cc
  • fix/help: test command no longer runs Jest in watch mode (#734) 8b148ce
  • (fix): update messages.ts github links (#754) b91ab47
  • (docs): Comparison to -> with (#737) edcb9e7
  • (docs): add Jest and ESLint subsections to Customization (#697) 4e4df28
  • [docs] add homepage to package.json (#682) 35f162a


  • github: disable blank issues without an issue template (#814) 0139cae


  • greenkeeper: remove website from greenkeeper config (#815) fc22471
  • (clean): remove redundant tsconfig strict opts in tests (#690) 5c73483
  • Simplify getInputs function (#745) 14bfa39

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Apologies for the delay on releasing this and the delay on getting to v0.14.0, COVID added a lot of stress and work has been busy, to say the least. I'm behind on all of my OSS repos, TSDX is actually the most maintained (but needs a lot more attention) 😕
v0.14.0 will be the next release, which will be a breaking change mostly due to updating dependencies' majors. I held back on it to get more into v0.13.x before getting busy, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get to all the changes I wanted to into it, but v0.14.0 has been waiting long enough

Wishing everyone well! Please stay safe and please do your part to follow public health guidelines!

Quoting from a Chromium release :

Black Lives Matter. Saying this does not mean that other lives do not matter. It should not be controversial to say this. If I say Chromium updates matter, it does not mean that other Fedora packages do not matter, it means that a Chromium update is needed to fix this giant pile of severe security vulnerabilities, here, today, now: [...]

In making that analogy, I do not intend to trivialize BLM. In no way do I mean to compare the lives of people to a silly web browser update. People are infinitely important than software. But since I'm here to push this software update out, I am also choosing to say clearly and unambiguously that Black Lives Matter.

Open Source proves that many voices, many contributions, together can change the world. It depends on it. This is my voice.