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Vim Emulator Plugin for Visual Studio 2010+
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Corrected the broken tests

Unfortunately in this case the last remaining Skip test was checking
behavior that can't be implemented in VsVim.  The WPF editor can't
position the caret in the middle of a multi-space character like a tab.
It will instead always appear at the start.

Vim doesn't have this limitation when it is in a block selection.  The
caret is free to position on any space.

This deviation means we can't properly implement block replacements
where the caret needs to be positioned within the middle of a tab.  This
could be done if we wrote a separate caret implementation but for now
the need here doesn't rise to the complexity required to do that.
latest commit 518bc70ae7
@jaredpar authored

Welcome to VsVim

All code in this project is covered under the Apache 2 license a copy of which is available in the same directory under the name License.txt.

AppVeyor Status: Build status


  1. Install the Visual Studio SDK
  2. Open the Solution VsVim.sln
  3. Build

VsVim.sln will work with any version of Visual Studio since 2010. The SKU must be professional or higher due to the use of VSIX projects.

Branching Structure

  • master: Stable branch
  • staging: Used for releasing new versions
  • fixes*: Both short and long term fixes
  • dead*: Branches which will never integrate with master again.
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